How to get into Kayak Fishing (Beginners)

Kayak fishing combines two incredible ways to experience the outdoors: sitting in a boat, and exploring the water’s depths with a line and lure. Glide across a body of water’s glasslike surface, cast a line, and take it all in.

While getting to the point of kayak fishing mastery may seem daunting, it’s actually fairly simple to take up kayak fishing.

Here are a couple tips to get out there and on your way to kayak fishing master.

Getting a Kayak

If you don’t have a kayak, don’t buy one right away. Rent one first to get a feel for the different types.


Search online for a nearby kayak rental outfit, give them a call, and set up a time to get out there. We recommend paddling at least a couple days before trying to fish if you’re unfamiliar maneuvering small water craft.

When you get a pole in the boat with you, you’re going to want a wide-bottom fishing kayak, but it’s good practice to get used to the kayak motion in a smaller vessel.

Bonus: When you rent you can ask about fishing spots, too.

Getting a Fishing Pole

You can use anything from a simple pole to a Tenkara fly rod, but before you take to the boat make sure to practice on land so you have the motion down.


Get a tackle box with the right lures for your area. We recommend talking to a local fishing shop–it’s the most efficient way to learn about the local fisheries.

Getting Out There

Put a weekend on the calendar, call up the kayak rental service to reserve a boat, get your pole ready, and make it happen.

And once you start testing things, you’ll start to learn what you like, what you could make better, and what you need for future trips.

You may need to spend a month getting comfortable in a kayak and another month practicing casting, but in a very short time you’ll have a hobby to pursue for life.

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