One Simple System for Carrying a Kayak or Canoe on Your Car

Carrying a boat on your car may not sound like a simple mission, but a safe and secure setup doesn’t have to be complicated. Many people think they need to have a specific boat rack that is just-right for the type of boat they’re hauling but, while this is a good strategy, it’s not the only strategy. If you’re looking for a simple and safe way to haul a kayak or a canoe, we built the world’s easiest rack and strap system for you.

Our system uses foam blocks to separate the boat from your car, straps to keep the boat and foam bumpers in place, and the boat stays right in place. Sound to good to be true? We told you it was simple!

We have designed our system to work universally with most kayaks and most canoes.

The system is remarkably secure–much more secure than most of the homemade alternatives we’ve seen (related pro-tip: you’ll be glad you didn’t end up using pool noodles on your gunwales…).


Just follow the setup instructions, make sure to clean the top of your car beforehand (to avoid scratches from dirt), strap your boat down, and check to make sure it does not move by applying force on each end.


And, because it’s a small form-factor setup that is not permanently attached to your car, you can easily remove and store it when it’s done.

See our simple kayak roof rack system and our canoe roof rack system.

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