A backcountry battery pack that can start a fire (safely)

When you go into the backcountry, you likely take all sorts of tools with you. You may even carry a multi-tool already. But tools, and technology, are changing, and there’s a new wave of tools you should be paying attention to. Specifically, survival and safety tools that can save your life today that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Our SurviVolts Powerbank is one of those advanced, life-saving multitools.

The core unit’s main function is as a 5000mAh battery pack, which comes in handy as you’ll likely need to charge one device or another during your time in the backcountry.


But with that stored power, it can do so much more.

Some functions you’ve likely seen from other battery packs, like the flashlight or the strobe light — both of which could save your life if you needed to signal SOS at night.

Other functions are new. Take the 135 decibel siren, which is loud enough to signal for help without you having to yell and use precious energy.

The 5mW laser can also signal for help in an emergency situation.

And, perhaps most unique is the electronic fire starter, which functions by conducting electricity across an open, protected space between two wires, much like a taser. If you’re in an emergency situation and need a fire, every minute is precious. Do you know the Rule of 3s? You can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but just 3 hours in harsh conditions without shelter.


The last thing you want to do in a survival situation is waste time you don’t have. Even if you don’t use most of the functions of the SurviVolts Powerbank, you’ll be glad you brought it along.

See more on the SurviVolts here.

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