Camping gear you can use in real life, too

Buying gear for camping can feel counterintuitive… I’m spending money on stuff I’m only going to use when I’m pretending to live outside for two days?

But there is a lot of gear out there you can use in real life, too.

Camp stoves in the car for road trips


A camp stove doesn’t have to live in a box. It can come out for air any time you go to the park for a cookout or go on a roadtrip. Just make sure your fuel doesn’t overheat if you store it in your car. A camp stove is a great mobile cooking option for any activity where you want to make great food outdoors.

Dry bags for downpour protection

Do you hide from the rain when you’re out and about with your computer, tablets, phone, etc? I know I do. Sometimes I even go to the public bathroom to try to pilfer a plastic bag from the storage facility. But with a dry bag, I have no worries. I put my gear in and go. Take your dry bag with you as your day pack and never fear rain again. Check out our Explorer Dry Bags here.

Lanterns for lowkey nights at home or trips to the park


A lantern is a great way to set the afternoon mood to the chill vibes of a warm, portable bulb. Take it around your flat as a way to let natural light have its time to shine but also keep enough light on your nearby tasks. Alternatively, take it to the park for an afternoon stroll session, for an AM workout, or in case that picnic date you have planned goes a little later than sunset. Check out our Firewater Plus lantern and bottle system here.

Water bottles around the office

Your camping bottle can be and arguably should be your best friend. Stay hydrated and keep your campsite memories close at hand. Add a carabiner to your lid strap and you have a ready-to-go vessel for any beverage you could want, while at the same time eliminating waste. Win win.

Some gear, like a tent, you won’t set up in your living room. Probably. And that’s cool. But you don’t have to feel too bad about a lot of the gear you need for camping, because truth is it’s useful in your day to day life.

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